Katie Kurumada

Literacy Web Seminar
September 20, 2009     7 p.m. EST/USA
“Presenting the Prospectus: One Ph.D. Student’s Experiences”

Presented by Dr. Katie Kurumada
Georgia State University, USA

What is a prospectus anyway? Writing and defending the prospectus to a dissertation is an essential first step in a successful dissertation study. For many PhD students, what exactly should be included in a prospectus and how to talk through the study in the oral defense is daunting. How to choose and explain appropriate literature, methods, and theoretical frameworks are just some of the important decisions that are a part of developing a prospectus. Lastly, defending the prospectus can be an intimidating event. Learning from other’s experiences can be a helpful stepping stone in the PhD journey.

Sharing her own recent experience with developing and defending a prospectus, Katie Simon Kurumada will share her process and experiences navigating these challenging waters.  First, Katie will talk through her development of her prospectus, including how she chose her theoretical frameworks, methodology, and methods of her study. Next, she will use her prospectus presentation to share her study and how she organized the PowerPoint for the oral defense. Finally, Katie will share how her prospectus is currently guiding her dissertation data collection.

Key elements of this presentation will include:

  1. How to plan for and organize the prospectus and prospectus defense
  2. How to choose and explain appropriate research design and methodologies

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