Patrick Shannon–April 14, 2013

Pat Shannon

Dr. Patrick Shannon
Penn State University, USA

Closer Readings of the Common Core

Closer Readings of the Common Core

“A Closer Reading of The Common Core:
Reading Wide Awake”

April 14, 2013
7:00 p.m. EST/USA
Student Host: Natasha Thornton

Formerly a preschool and primary grade teacher, Dr. Patrick Shannon has worked at Penn State since 1990 as a faculty member within the Curriculum and Instruction Department, and has  taught, worked with teachers, and conducted research across North America. His research addresses four questions: What is literacy? Who is considered literate? What is read and written? and How is literacy taught? These four questions are further delineated on Dr. Shannon’s website, These four questions are situated within the concept of democracy with claims of equity and equality among citizens. He is the author, co-author, or editor of sixteen books, with his most recent titles Closer Readings of the Common Core (2013),  Reading Wide Awake, and Reading Against Democracy. Currently, he is a professor of Education and the coordinator of the Reading Specialist certification program and the integrated undergraduate/graduate program for Special Education/Curriculum and Instruction.  Dr. Shannon teaches reading methods courses for undergraduate majors within an Arts and Literacy Block, masters level classes within the Reading Specialist program, and philosophical foundations of educational research for doctoral students.  As part of his personal interests, Dr. Shannon plays in a band called The Beaver with my friends from high school in Fairport, New York.

In his web seminar, Dr. Shannon will examine reading as agency–why reading critically is essential to civic engagement and a healthy democracy. In particular, Dr. Shannon addresses the Common Core Standards and argue for a more wide-awake reading of documents associated with national curriculum mandates. Dr. Shannon’s book, Closer Readings of the Common Core will be published in 2013 and published by Heinemann. He also has written, Reading Wide Awake: Politics, Pedagogies, and Possibilities, published by Teachers College Press.

A partial list of Patrick Shannon’s publications:


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Partial list of published articles

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