Heather Lynch

Literacy Web Seminar
October 18, 2009
7 p.m.  EST/USA

“Dabbling in Methods: Looking at Data from Multiple Perspectives”
Presented by Heather Lynch, Georgia State University, USA

Settling down with one research method can feel like a lot like dating- we’re often asked to commit to methods that may look good or carry a certain prestige, but may not feel like the perfect match. Instead of hitching herself to a monogamous research relationship, one novice researcher decided to play the field and dabble in a variety of data collection methods. She explored methods ranging from interviews and quantitative surveys to visual and digital document analysis.  The results were very rewarding, both within her pilot study and for her development as a doctoral student.

Join Heather Lynch, a doctoral student in Language and Literacy, who will speak to the complexities that revolve around data collection and analysis. She will talk about the importance of dabbling with data during your program so that, when you come to your doctoral dissertation, you will be equipped with a number of strategies that may work for your unique research. She will relate the problems that arose– not just pertaining to the use of methods themselves, but also in the selection of various, complementary approaches. Along the way, Heather will address the following question:

  • Why should you dabble in methods?
  • How can we flexibly use methods that lead us to creative and exciting sources of data?
  • How might a variety of methods provide a more robust lens through which to view our research?
  • What are some possibilities for us, as doctoral students, to dabble in our own data?


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