Archived Seminars: 2011-2016

 Thank you for viewing our archived seminars on the GCLR YouTube Channel. Please feel free to work with these seminars in your classes and/or share them with wider audiences. As a critical literacy project, we invite you to take our GCLR survey. Your responses will help us understand the significance of this project, and how we might better serve the global audiences through these web seminars.  


Rahat Naqvi

Guy Merchant

Donna Alvermann

Sonia Nieto


David Kirkland

Richard Beach

David Berliner

Barbara Comber

Jackie Marsh

Jim Cummins

Raúl Alberto Mora


Hilary Janks

Jack Richards

Joyce E. King

Kenneth and Yetta Goodman

Ryuko Kubota

Catherine Beavis

Brian Street


(please note that the portions of the seminar image may be cropped due to video sizing)

James Paul Gee

Allan Luke

Yvonne and David Freeman

Julia Davies

Patricia Edwards and Susan Piazza

Bonny Norton

Patrick Shannon


Jerome C. Harste and Vivian Vasquez

Peter Johnston

Catherine Compton-Lilly

Karen Wohlwend

Kate Pahl and Jennifer Rowsell

Brian Cambourne

Candace Kuby

(GCLR’s ability to archive web seminars is graciously funded by the National Writing Project).

2 Responses to Archived Seminars: 2011-2016

  1. Thomas says:

    Could you please post the Hilary Janks talk? I missed it today. FYI, there are two different times listing the talk (1 p.m. and 6 p.m.). I guess I picked the wrong one. Thank you!


    • malbers2 says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for your interest in our web seminar series! I just checked the site and all three pages say 1:00 p.m. (Eastern time zone/NYC). We’ll be posting Hilary Janks’s web seminar within the next several weeks. Thanks again!


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