GCLR Mission and Goals

About GCLR: Global Conversations in Literacy Research is an online series of one-hour web seminars that feature leading and internationally-recognized scholars in the field of literacy. As an Internet-based project, GCLR is grounded in critical literacy, and sees as its mission to use new and emerging technologies to connect with global audiences and exchange ideas on literacy theory, research, and practice; to connect global audiences with international literacy scholars and each other by way of open and free access to web seminars; to support international scholarship and professional development in literacy;  and to engage audiences across the globe in on-going and progressive conversations around literacy issues.

GCLR’s Mission and Goals:

  1. To connect diverse and global audiences to the work of internationally recognized scholars in literacy theory, research, and practice;
  2. To collaborate and exchange ideas on international issues in literacy through free and open access web seminars;
  3. To reshape how literacy research can be shared globally using new and emergent technologies; and
  4. To acknowledge that diverse, multiple and global perspectives are vital resources for changing consciousness around literacy research and practice.
  • One hour presentations are open to those interested in literacy and language arts research and practice
  • Open and free access to web seminars is available through Elluminate, a presentation software that is downloaded free of charge; anyone with Internet access may participate in any or all web seminars
  • Researchers working within and across international settings present their work to global audiences
  • Audiences interact directly with GCLR presenters, and exchange ideas with others interested in literacy research, theory, and practice

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