Peter Johnston – October 30, 2011

Thanks to Dr. Johnston for a wonderful presentation tonight!

“Literacy, Learning, Thinking and Classroom Communities”

Dr. Peter Johnston
University of Albany, SUNY, USA

October 30, 2011, 7:00  p.m. EST/USA
(Convert to Local Time)

GSU Student Moderator: Linda James


Dr. Peter Johnston is Vincent O’Leary Professor in the Reading Department at the University at Albany. He researches the consequences of teaching and assessment practices for the lives of children and teachers, and for the literacies children acquire. He chaired IRA and NCTE’s Joint Task Force on Assessment Standards and is a member of IRA’s RTI Commission. His most recent books are, Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives (Stenhouse, 2012), Choice Words: How our Language Affects Children’s Learning (Stenhouse, 2004), Knowing Literacy:Constructive Literacy Assessment (Stenhouse, 1997), Reading to Learn: Lessons From Exemplary Fourth Grade Classrooms (Guilford, 2002, with Richard Allington), Critical Literacy/Critical Teaching: Tools for Preparing Responsive Teachers (Teachers College Press, 2006, with Cheryl Dozier and Rebecca Rogers), and RTI in Literacy – Responsive and Comprehensive (2010). He is on the editorial boards of Reading Research Quarterly, Elementary School Journal, and Literacy Teaching and Learning and is the assessment section editor for the Handbook of Reading Disabilities Research (Routledge, 2010). IRA awarded him the Albert J Harris Award for contributions to research on reading disability and in 2005 he was elected to IRA’s Reading Hall of Fame. Peter’s email:

Further Reading:

Be sure to order Peter Johnston’s newest book, Opening Minds, available January 2012 from Stenhouse Publishers!

IveyJohnston: Reading Engagement

References to Articles Listed Above:

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Johnston, P. (December, 2010). Discursive frames in literacy learning and agentive networks of development. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Literary Research Association, Ft. Worth, TX.

Ivey, G. & Johnston, P. (December, 2010). Reading engagement, achievement, and moral development in adolescence. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Literacy Research Association, Ft. Worth, TX.

Web Seminar Link or paste this URL into your browser before the start of the seminar: Peter’s web seminar link or paste this URL into your browser:

2 Responses to Peter Johnston – October 30, 2011

  1. malbers2 says:

    Wonderful presentation tonight, Peter!


  2. Sally Thomas says:

    Only one response. I should have replied earlier. I so admire your work Peter. I use Choice Words with all my teacher education classes. I can count on it to transform teachers’ perspectives. And I’m looking forward to your new book. You might remember from our long ago work on the Learning Record and/or from my work with Penny Oldfather on intrinsic motivation. I got to chair oneof your sessions with Gay. Thank you thank you thank you for all the work you do. Sally Thomas


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